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If you want to start building a cloud engineering career, this guide will help you understand cloud engineering and how you can become one. Many cloud engineers bolster their bachelor’s with a graduate certificate in cloud computing/engineering. Becoming a cloud engineer entails gaining the required skills and experience through college, graduate certificates, certifications, a bootcamp, or work. Most cloud engineers work as software engineers or IT managers before crossing over. Recent graduates can sometimes secure work as a junior engineer under an experienced cloud engineer.

  • Narrowing down your specialization can help you further in the long run.
  • Solutions Architects are responsible for analyzing the technical environment, requirements, specifications.
  • Storage is all about knowing the various ways data can be stored and how you can access it.
  • This has led to almost 80 percent of organizations running some part of their business on cloud computing platforms, like AWS and Azure.
  • Hence understanding and learning how Cloud Storges work, would be a good idea making it an important cloud engineer skill.

With growing technology, the importance of Cloud engineering is gaining momentum. Cloud technology has enabled you to stream your favorite shows online and listen to songs with unlimited access. It uses engineering principles to design systems, and everybody wants to know how to be a cloud engineer. Cybersecurity is a major concern these days; consequently, cloud engineers should have some cybersecurity skills in their toolbox. According to McAfee,40 percent of IT professionals have stalled their cloud migration projects over security concerns and a lack of cybersecurity expertise.

Cloud Computing Career Guide: A Comprehensive Playbook To Becoming A Cloud Architect

This has led to almost 80 percent of organizations running some part of their business on cloud computing platforms, like AWS and Azure. While this has created many opportunities for cloud engineers, the skill gap in the industry is concerning. Learning programming languages is a must to become a cloud engineer. Java, Python, Ruby, and so on are essential languages to add to your portfolio. Get acquainted with cloud services like Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle and Hadoop. Cloud engineering encompasses devising, managing and maintaining resources of computer infrastructure.

There are many more advanced IBM cloud certifications available, such as the IBM Certified Professional Architect – Cloud v5. As per, the average salary of a cloud engineer in the US is $121,465 per year with an $11,000 cash bonus. This figure is expected to grow in the coming years since the cloud computing industry is expanding rapidly.


His areas of expertise are Machine Learning, MLOps, A.I., Data Science, and Cloud Architecture. Noah has authored several bestselling books, including Python for DevOps. If you manage to master these services using any of the how to become an aws cloud engineer Service Providers mentioned above. You are 70 percent on the way to becoming a Cloud Engineer in any of the verticals mentioned previously. And you could consume all the services just by paying a minimal charge for it.

What is the salary for AWS cloud engineer?

The national average salary for a AWS Cloud Engineer is ₹6,00,000 in India.

As cloud engineering roles are highly technical, starting your career in a mid-level position may be difficult. Many employers typically recruit cloud engineering professionals with three to five years of work experience. However, you can gain hands-on experience in cloud engineering by finding internships and entry-level cloud computing work opportunities. As a general rule of thumb, a cloud engineer’s technical expertise in cloud database management is very important. You should also be familiar with database tools like MySQL and have extensive knowledge of cloud security and recovery because this is a priority for cloud service providers and users.

Learn About Cloud Service Providers

Cognition of open standards is required for tagging, driving and describing the data. There is a lot to learn, but fortunately, there is an AWS learning pathyou can follow that will get you to the ultimate destination.

  • Access to this Nanodegree program runs for the length of time specified above.
  • There is not a lot of manual labor involved in this role, but it requires a high level of mental aptitude.
  • The importance of tech and cloud computing is no longer unknown to the world.
  • Like all roles, this really depends on the company that you’re working in.
  • All these service providers have their portals and consoles made available to you for free.

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